Why ‘Olicity’ is Killing Arrow

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It’s no secret that season 3 of Arrow has been woefully disappointing, and last night’s episode did them no favors.

The show’s most recent installment, “The Fallen”, was initially sold on Thea’s resurrection using the Lazarus Pit – it was to be the first time the audience saw just what the mysterious and magical waters could do, but unfortunately we only spent about 5 minutes on that because we needed to see Oliver and Felicity finally happen.

It started with a ridiculous scene where Felicity actually confronts Ra’s al Ghul and demands he allow Oliver to leave. Matt Nable then delivers a beautiful dialogue harking back to his own past lives and telling her that she needs to let Oliver know how she feels, a luxury that he did not have many years ago when he was forced to leave his family. She took this as, go have sex with…

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